The ancient Muruno glass process

A spectacle handed down from generation to generation

The pleasure of observing the Murano glass process of blown and hot-molded glass in person

Not everyone knows this, but Murano is one of the few places in the world (one of the very few in Europe, if not the only one) where you can admire the ancient techniques of blown glass process and hot molded glass. Two very ancient arts, whose history is lost in the mists of time.

Passed down to us from generation to generation, these two techniques are still performed today as they once were, without any substantial difference and without the use of modern technologies. Admiring the gestures and movements of the glass masters is like going back in time, to the era of our ancestors and those who preceded us in past centuries. A show worthy of the best fairy-tales, which comes alive in the eyes of the public visiting our glass factory. Find out what awaits you once you get here!

Murano glass factory visit

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You don’t need an intermediary, you can join an already formed group or come on your own and wait for your turn at your assigned time. Simply, online you will have the confirmation that your seat is reserved, avoiding queues and unexpected events. Take advantage of our web-based booking system and get ready for an unforgettable show.

The art of the Murano glass process directly from the furnace

During our tours, you will witness the exhibition and the Murano glass process of blown glass and hot molded glass. For both of them, the furnace inside our factory will be used: located on the ground floor, right in front of the master glassblower and the audience sits on specially prepared stands. All you have to do is sit back and watch carefully as the glass is literally molded at high temperatures, changing shape, size, and color as if it were a living material. The guided tour is therefore suitable for both adults and children: it is impossible to resist such a spectacle, for adults and children alike! And if you have a dog, don’t worry, our four-legged friends are welcome!

Take a look at our Murano glass process

What happens during the 15 minutes of the Murano glass process in our factory always leaves the viewer stunned. From nothing, the master brings to light a horse, a flower, a ship, a vase. The temperature of the glass is so high at such times that a piece of paper can catch fire just by touching it. It is a mixture of craftsmanship and magic, a sleight of hand that is nevertheless true and ends up enthusing even the most sceptical. A few minutes, but more than enough to win over viewers from all corners of the globe!

And so, what are you waiting for to join the next tour and experience the excitement of seeing up close how Murano glass artworks, jewellery and collectibles are created? If you would like to participate, you can fill in the online booking form that you will find just below on this page. Or you can write us an email or contact us on  +390415274822 And remember: the cost of the entrance ticket is only €5 per person, a popular price that makes the visit accessible to everyone, with no hidden extra fees. Take advantage of it today: book with one click via the web and get ready for the most electrifying show!

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