Ellegi Murano Glass: the art of the glass process according to tradition

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The workers of Ellegi Glass Murano are waiting for you to show you how the most beautiful glass creations are produced.

Murano glass showroom

Murano Glass Showroom

The Ellegi Murano Glass exhibition space: over 600 square meters on two floors. On the ground floor, there is a large collection of gifts and costume jewelry, while the first-floor houses works of art, vases, and sculptures. A real museum where you can admire the work of master glassmakers and buy what you like.

Murano glass factory

The Glass Factory

In our glass factory, next to the Murano showroom, is the ancient furnace, the nerve center of the entire production of glass objects and works. A place that for almost 100 years has continued to offer visitors from all over the world the spectacle of blown glass and hot molded sculpture.

Murano glass factory visit

Visit to the Glass factory

The unique experience of visiting an authentic Murano glass factory, with a 20-minute show accompanied by explanations in the original language and the opportunity of visiting the exhibition space with the glass products. All this in the marvellous setting of the Venetian lagoon, with plenty of attractions waiting for you!  

Guided tours 7 days a week, for only 5 euros

Murano glass factory visit

Visit the glass factory and watch from the comfort of your seat as a master glassmaker works. Take souvenir photos or record videos as the blown glass or sculpture takes shape. Purchase a certified souvenir from the Ellegi Glass shop to take home or give to a friend. These are just some of the activities reserved for those who participate in our guided tours. They run 7 days a week, we welcome groups of Italians, British, Americans, French, Chinese, Russians, Canadians, Arabs: people of all ages who want to witness the creative process of our workers live.

From the stands, right in front of the furnace, blown or hot-molded glass will take shape and color in a matter of minutes. A magic that has been repeated for millennia, then as now, under the stunned eyes of spectators young and old. A magic that we at Ellegi Glass, Murano offer today in full respect of tradition at a cost of only 5 euros per person. Enjoy our presentation video to find out more!

Welcome to Murano, home of artistic glass

A walk in Murano always provides emotions that are difficult to forget. Like Burano, like Torcello, and like Venice, even Murano hides treasures and riches of inestimable value. One of these is the tradition of artistic glass processing by hand, with simple, artisanal tools, the same ones that were used centuries ago in the Syrian-Palestinian region. Many things have changed since then, but not the original technique of shaping glass into small and large masterpieces. Vases, chandeliers, ornaments, statues, jewelry: unique works because they are made one at a time and not in series as in industry.

All this is part of our culture and lives unaltered in each of our guided tours of the Elledi Murano Glass factory. Visitors can count on well-prepared and competent staff, able to explain each step in the chosen language, in synchrony with the actions of the master glassmaker. The workers in charge of producing the objects then sold in the Ellegi Glass Shop also work around the furnace. Our factory is in a strategic position because it is a short distance from Venice by sea and because it faces the canal where the ferries and taxi boats that bring tourists here dock. In just a few steps you get off the boat and enter the glass factory, ready to start the guided tour and watch the show.

Our decades of experience allow us to cater for everyone’s needs, from couples with young children to school groups, offering a comprehensive and accessible service. To round off the visit, a tour of Murano’s calli and campi is a must, and you can continue to explore the town on your own, with cafés where you can sip a cappuccino and restaurants where you can sample typical local dishes. All that remains is for us to wish you a wonderful visit to one of the most fascinating places in Italy: book now online directly from our website, specifying the day and time you wish to reserve. You can do it remotely without any obligation at any time, take advantage of it today!

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